Northern Missouri District Royal Rangers

Junior Leadership Training Academy (JLTA)

What does your Outpost or do your boys need? Do they need servant leadership training? Do you need help planning; organizing and implementing the vision you have been given? Do you need to generate excitement? Do you need help getting "Boy lead and adult facilitated" to be more than just a great sounding bumper sticker? Do you need something to help with Junior Leadership Foundations? Do your boys need a challenge to help them grow into the leaders that God has destined them to be? Do you need a fun event that is coordinated by trained Ranger Facilitators that you can connect with your boys through shared experience? If any of these apply to you or your Outpost then you need to send/accompany your boys to the Junior Leadership Training Academy (JLTA). 

Download the JLTA Packet here

The minimum age for the camps is 12 years old and completed 6th grade. While Junior Training Camp (JTC) and Missions Action Camp (MAC) are only open to boys, the remaining Action Camps are open to boys, their leaders, dads, and other male mentors!
All of our boys need these camps. They teach them how to be a follower as well as a leader. All men are leaders, they lead themselves, they lead families, they work in groups at school, church and later in life at work. They hang out with groups of friends and are in clubs, organizations and play sports. The leadership we are talking about may not have a title or a job description but it is leadership. We want to help them understand Christ like servant leadership and to be able to share that with the world.
You and your boys will have an experience of a lifetime! Over the course of training boys and men will develop skills in: Camping, Technology, Canoeing, Frontiersman Living, and Shooting Sports, and Christion Missions. They will also enjoy outstanding Christian fellowship while in the outdoors. The friends, experiences, and knowledge they gain will help them maintain their Christian walk with Godly friends through the critical college years and for the rest of their life.
So what are you waiting for? Print out the packet for your Adventure and Expedition Rangers and start getting them excited for this camp today!
The Academy offers the following camps to help Rangers utilize and polish their leadership training that has been taught in their Outpost. All camps are held immediately prior to Pow-wow. Our campground is equipped with full amenities and modern facilities to ensure an enjoyable camping experience.