Northern Missouri District Royal Rangers

Chartering Your Outpost


What is chartering and why is it important?
Chartering is registering members of your outpost with the National Royal Rangers Ministries. Charters expire on August 31st of each year and should be renewed. Chartering provides:

  • Important information to the national ministry that helps monitor and shape the success and well-being of Royal Rangers.
  • Support for the ongoing development and improvement of the ministry.
  • A solid financial foundation for national and district ministry and preferred benefits for chartered outposts.
  • Advancement of the important biblical cause of Royal Rangers to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

How to Charter
Chartering has been simplified through an online form at You will need:

  • A church account number,
  • The number of boys in each age group,
  • Name and contact information of adult leaders,
  • Name of your district (Northern Missouri),
  • Debit or credit card

Chartering Fees
Charter fees are $11 for boys and $13 for adult leaders.

Chartering Benefits

  • 15% discount on
    • Ranger gear when ordered via the Ranger Online Superstore
    • National and regional training events
    • National and regional activities
  • Discounts on
    • NOMO Powwow
    • Other NOMO Events
  • Each chartered member of your outpost will receive a copy of the Rangers NOW newsletter
  • Your outpost will get one free copy of the Outpost Promotional Kit
  • Access to download Outpost Navigator
  • An official outpost number